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RECRUITMENT PROCESS provides a selection of well screened, profiled available candidates from our database using the recruitment process as detailed below.

A- Initial Client Liaison

We collect information about the vacancy including education, professional experience, certification, level of English language etc. 
We discuss the candidate’s profile and required interpersonal skills and develop a detailed job-specification with a full description of the client’s requirements.
We establish an appropriate marketing campaign and media plan, based on the results of preliminary market research. 

B- Document Collection & Verification

Suitable Candidate CV’s are identified from our database.
We collect and verify all of the applications generated by Internet and newspaper advertisements.
We check candidate’s documents thoroughly to ensure they have been completed correctly.
All candidates’ documents, reviews and files are received and Candidates are asked for anything that is missing. This information is relayed to interested Clients as appropriate.

C- Summary CV – Standardised Templates

When the candidate does not need particular written English skills for the job, or when candidates may be needed quickly but only have documentation in Polish or if the translation has not met our minimum standard, we produce an English 'summary CV'.
This enables clients/agencies to review a batch of pre-screened candidates in an easy-to-review standard presentation format.

D- First Round Interviews

Available candidates are reviewed strictly in accordance with our clients’ needs.
Although based in Warsaw, our staff will travel anywhere in Poland to meet candidates who we think deserve to be seen.
We agree a tentative availability date with the candidate. A candidate who is not available for 6/4 months would not be considered for interview; candidates who are available immediately are given priority.
We also check and make sure Candidate’s English meets our Client’s expectations.

E- Second round interviews

Candidates are interviewed in our office, often with a visiting HR contact from the UK employer.
Candidates are given additional information about the employer, and helped to complete any specific paperwork or documentation. All documents are checked, verified and forwarded, along with test certificates and body measurements for uniforms etc, to our UK client or partner. Successful candidates receive an offer letter direct from the employer.

F- Pre-Travel Liaison on departure.

We act as a point of contact between candidate and client, coordinating work contracts and any paperwork or other documentation still required by the employer.

For further details about how we work, please visit Our Services section.


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